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How to make baby crib quilt?

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That would depend on what kind of blanket you are wanting. Most hobby stores have a kit for a simple fleece tie blanket. Or a kit for a needlework crosstitch quilt, I always bought some fabric to sew on the back. Or if you want a traditional quilt, go buy some scraps of fabric to piece together, quilting to go in the middle and something for the entire back of it. Measure your crib mattress, piece the front together for the righ size, pin and sew. Then pin the quilting and the back, you'll want to tie it together, cut two to three inch long pieces of yarn (I used embroidery floss) and hook it through, tieing on the top in a square knot every six inches or so. Then sew it all together and you're done.

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How to make baby crib quilt?
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