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Should you give baby a multivitamin

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If your baby is on formula, I think he/she doesn't need any vitamins. If you are breastfeeding, talk to your pediatrician about giving vitamin D drops because breast milk has no vitamin D in it. For older babies, after 1 year old, if they eat healthy and at least 5 different colors of fruits and veggies every day, I don't think there is a reason to take vitamins.


We never have given our babies vitamins even while I was nursing but I was also supplementing so he got enough of what he needed from that . I know some doctors have you give baby a vitamin D supplement if you are breastfeeding . Once they hit 2 I will usually start giving them a multi vitamin . I don't stress though if they miss it for a day they eat pretty good .


Our doctor always advised us against giving our babies multivitamins. We were told they receive enough vitamins they need from breast milk and/or formula that it was unnecessary. Once Rocky turned two we started giving him Flintstones vitamins. He wasn't eating enough vegetables so we figured it couldn't hurt.

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Should you give baby a multivitamin
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