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Baby name nickname you gave to your children

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Since being pregnant I called my twins little lion because I love the lion king <3


It depends on who you ask. Our friends call him little bug or mr. James, David's family calls him munchkin. My dad calls him peanut or Jimmy (long debate on that one) and my mom and sister call him little man. My brother calls him little dude :) David and I call him either Little Bug, Munchkin or snuggle bug




my son christian had the nickname Crazy Legs cuz you always kick like you was running in place and my baby girl Barbara has two nicknames from aunt lisa, cause she's only 2 months which is Barbie or Rosie


Noey, for Noah or I'd say "he's the Ooh,ooh,ooh!" (like pronouncing Pooh!)- say it really fast OOH OOH OOH, because he was OOh OOh OOh Soooo Cute! Vanny, or Ni (long I) for Savannah her Middle name is Mariahnih (nih-pronounced NI-(long I ), for Briana, Bri, And my second daughter Meghan -May-may, Maymers, so fun! he-he!


We call Malachi "hiny" because his hiny is so bubbly and cute! We started calling him that and it just stuck! Lol. And we call Elianna Elli! No silly nicknames YET!

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Baby name nickname you gave to your children
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