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Does a baby need water in hot climates?

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Babies need breast milk or formula until they are 1 year old at least. You can offer them water around 6 months but they still need breast milk or formula for nutrients.

Breastmilk contains a perfectly balanced ratio of food and water to meet all your baby's needs. It is a living fluid, ever-changing to suit your baby and even in response to the weather! In hot weather a thirsty baby may want to breastfeed more frequently but for shorter periods.


I think it depends on the age of the baby under 6 months no , they get plenty of fluids form breast milk or formula . Over six months its ok to offer a little bit of water as long as they are still getting plenty of breast milk or formula for nutrition . As they get closer to one and are starting to get around more if it is hot they may want a bit more water if they are hot and sweaty.

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Does a baby need water in hot climates?
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