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Possible reasons for baby not putting on weight

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When Charlie was born we had a hard time with the breastfeeding thing so I supplemented with formula. I hated doing that so I took a few weeks and got rid of the formula and was determined to breastfeed. After a week and a half he had only gained 4 ounces. So I through out that silly notion and went back to formula. He was still having issues so the doc put him on high calorie formula. After a few weeks he STILL wasn't gaining. On a whim, Ed bought a different bottle and VOILA!

It's amazing, something as simple as a different bottle! As soon as we figured it out, we bought out the store. We bought every one of those nipples to make sure we never ran out. So, in my own experience that was why my boy wasn't gaining what he should have.

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Possible reasons for baby not putting on weight
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