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What to do when baby will not stop crying?

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Check everything.. then double check! Honestly.. babies are like little check lists.. and you continuously go through these check lists all day long, over and over. You need to check when they last ate, when their diaper was changed, when they last napped, check their comfort level - hot or cold, check for any fever, teething, growing pains, check if they are overtired, maybe they need help going to sleep? You need to always try and soothe them if the check list has been marked off and everything seems to be fine. Some days, babies are clingier than others.. just like people, they have good days and bad.. I walk around with Monroe, sing to him, cuddle with him - get REAL close, they love face to face time, rock them, etc.. the list goes on!

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Baby checklist. Newborn
What to do when baby will not stop crying?
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