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How did you and your baby cope with a nursing strike?

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It is very common for healthy babies to go through at least one nursing strike. Often they think the cause of the strike is a growth spurt of some kind. A nursing strike is NOT a sign that your baby is ready to wean or wants to wean. In a few days your baby will be over a nursing strike and back to nursing like regular, here are a few tips to get through it:

- Offer the breast frequently but do not force it.
- Spend plenty of naked time together with you and your baby.
- Spend plenty of skin to skin time with your baby.
-Sleep near your baby.
- Carry your baby close to you or wear your baby in a carrier.
- Make sure the breast remains a calm and comfortable place, never a place for frustration or stress.

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How did you and your baby cope with a nursing strike?
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