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Overstimulation: how to calm baby down

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Over the weekend, Charlies teenage female cousins had come down for a visit. The two older girls have somewhat of a grasp on how to deal with a 6 month old but the 10 year old really doesn't understand it yet. Sometimes we have to remind her that if Charlie is fussy and his diaper is dry and he's not hungry and he's rubbing his eyes, he could just be tired. So we have to tell her to stop shaking things in front of his face, hold him and walk around slowly using a soft tone of voice.

It took us a while to understand what it meant, too. Once we had a good grasp on the signs that he was getting frustrated and overstimulated, we wrap him in his blanket and walk around slowly using a calm voice. We also stay away from any brightly lit areas or loud televisions or radios.

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Overstimulation: how to calm baby down
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