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To pacify or not to pacify a baby

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Honestly, it's up to the parent. Pacifiers have benefits such as soothing the infant. However, they must be broke of it later on. We were fortunate enough that Jonah broke himself of one.


To not. Lianna has never took a liking to the paci which I'm glad for. I tried but she never to an interest so I thought why bother.


My son loved his pacy from the day he left the hospital but was very picky with the type of nipple so when it was time to buy him a new one I had to buy it online because they did not sell it in stores. At 6months of age I bought two new pack sets of 2 which is 4 new pacys and I cleaned and sanitized them and got ready to give him his new pacy and he spits it out. Ever thought I just wasted 9 dollars I was so relieved that he on his own quit the pacy. I tried one more time to put the pacy in his mouth and again he threw it away. MOMS best wish!!! Never again did he put a pacy in his mouth. Age 1 he stop using bottle and wanted a big boys cup... Boys they are so independent but can be such mama boys.


I am 27 years old and as a child my mom did NOT give me a pacifier. If i wanted to suck my thumb she would put lemon juice on it. I now LOVE lemons! I have three children of my own and I did not give them a pacifier. The hospital gave them one and I threw it away. My children do not suck their thumbs and do not have bad teeth. Now my little sister from my dads second marriage had a pacifier until the age of 8!! Can you believe that. She had bottle capped teeth and has had several issues. I really feel that the pacifier is just a way to shut up a child. There are other ways to sooth a baby.


I am a big believer in binkys . All of my boys have had them . They help prevent SIDS and that right there would be enough reason for me to use them with my babies . Babies have a natural urge and need to suck , it soothes them when they are fussy and tired . I also would rather ween them off of a binky then have them suck a thumb or finger that you cannot take away .

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To pacify or not to pacify a baby
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