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Why does baby have red skin

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There can be a number of reasons baby has red skin Noah has really fair skin with a reddish undertone and so do I and 2 of my other boys . He gets red really easily , if he is hot his skin gets really red . My babies also sometimes get rosy red cheeks while teething or when they wake up from napping . It could also be a sunburn if baby has been out in the sun for to long . Allergies are also a possibility too if they have eaten anything new or you are using a new soap or detergent .


My kids faces do that, little red blotchy spots that weld up just a little.

My nephews face did that with peaches when he was a baby. But only where the food touched their checks or chin. I think that just cause their skins so sensitive different things will irritate it more. I'd just keep an eye on him and try again and see if it's just where the food has touched.


I put 50 SPF sunscreen on all of the kids.

My youngest two are very white, especially my baby who has red hair. My red head burned.

And she burned on both of her arms!

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Why does baby have red skin
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