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Three to six months old baby routines: sample schedule

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He wakes anywhere between 6:30am and 8:00am to start the day typically.. meaning he wakes to eat :) After his morning feeding, we chat, play and hang out.. he honestly does coo, talk and jabber already! Usually after an hour or so he gets sleepy again.. and falls asleep for his morning nap.. sometimes he naps for an hour, sometimes it's a quick 20 minutes.. about 3 hours after his first am feeding

We give him a bath between 7:30pm and 8:30pm, followed by a bottle to top him off, then lay him down in his crib!


By three months, most babies will still be waking once or twice during the night for feeds, but many will sleep four to five hours without waking. During the daytime, some babies have two or three longish snoozes during the day, while others are happy with a series of short naps. At six months, most babies have learned to sleep more at night than during the day and it’s also time for a baby’s first taste of solids, which will help improve your infant's sleep

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Three to six months old baby routines: sample schedule
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