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Advice for making your own baby food

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I made my own baby food and to me it was totally worth it.

My one suggestion is know that a good food processor works just as well as a bullet and will serve multiple purposes as time goes on.


Last year we went on vacation back home to California and came back with a trunk full of peaches so I have a shelf of those canned and ready for baby food when little Charlie is ready. I also have pears ready to go. And a TON of shredded squash in the freezer. I'll have a big garden this year so I'm planning on different squash, possible sweet potatoes, green beans and some others.


For as much as I know.. and starting to look ahead to making our own baby food.. HOORAY! It's supposed to be pretty easy.. You can take anything from veggies, fruits, meats and puree them.. You will want to steam veggies, clean fruits, etc.. You can also do amazing combinations and perhaps something will really stick and the babe will love it! Some tips include having a food processor.. using ice cube trays to free and store them in portioned out containers.. I've heard this works so well and makes it easy! I would suggest by starting slow.. trying a few vegetables... perhaps sweet potatoes.. a fruit.. maybe bananas.. and go from there.. the possibilities are endless and when you are making your own food, you know exactly what you are putting in it :)

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Advice for making your own baby food
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