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What is a creative way to announce my first pregnancy ?

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I have left the pregnancy test in the bathroom to let my husband find it. :) I wrapped it up in a box another time. The rest we kind of just found out together. I wasn't very creative when it came to telling him. I just couldn't usually wait! ;


This is one of the most creative ways I've ever seen. This video is worth watching! A couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, used a unique method to introduce their newborn to the world. Chris and Aimee Knutson created a stop-motion video with the story of their son Henry's birth told from the point of view of a precious teddy bear. The bear discovers a positive pregnancy test, witnesses a nursery being assembled, and then checks out a sonogram image. Little Teddy anxiously waits by the front door as Henry arrives home in his car seat, and finally the two meet in Henry's crib.

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What is a creative way to announce my first pregnancy ?
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