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Luvs diapers reviews

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My son not only soaked through the Luvs (getting it all over his clothes and bedding but not the diaper is a mystery to me). Luvs also caused an irritation to his sensitive skin. So we stick to Huggies.


Luvs have worked fir me but only during the day . My boys always leaked out of them at night so why they may be less expensive I am not saving any money if I am using a ton of them . Also who wants to wake up every night with a soaked baby and have to deal with all of that !!! Sometimes I did use them during the day and then buy a small package of Pampers to use at night . My last baby actually had a bad reaction and had a huge rash every time I would put them on him so I don't ever buy them any more .


i most say i hate Luvs diapers ( i am sorry to be so harsh) but they gave my oldest son a rash that no cream was working on it i had to take him to the ER... and they so empty like after 2 use its full and it hangs from the child butt, i have friends that love them but everyone got there best and there worse!!


We got a pack of luvs when James was first born from a friend of ours, and it left a really nasty rash. Almost a chemical burn type of rash on his skin. After that we never used Luvs. He's fine in huggies or pampers. Right now he's in size 3 in huggies and since he's constantly moving, they work really well.


I use Luvs once my babies hit two months. Before that I would use Pampers Swaddlers. Luvs has been our brand throughout five children. No leaking, no weird smells or ripping and bursting. They are great and not pricey


I buy luvs, but in my case it doesn't seem to matter what I buy Bentley pees through it.


Me too I loved Luvs when my girls were in diapers. I too tried every other brand and Luvs are the best. The fit good, weren't to bulky and they very rarely peed throw them.

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Luvs diapers reviews
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