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Crying it out method: how old should your baby be?

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Since Hunter was born, he always goes to sleep with a bottle, and wakes up every 3 hours wanting another bottle. He does not drink to much, but I guess it just calms him down. The doctor said now that Hunter is almost 10 months old, and I have not had a full nights sleep in almost 2 years now (during pregnancy and now). I am scared to let Hunter scream and cry, and it is instinct for me to jump up and sooth him. She said to try the Cry it Out method and let him cry and scream, and calm him down, and try it again..


I know a lot of moms use the "crying it out" method, but it just doesn't work for us. Instead of crying himself to sleep, my seven month old just gets more and more hysterical. I've tried waiting 15 minutes, comforting him, then leaving his site for another 15 minutes, but he actually goes into hysterics and hyperventilates. At this point, I let him cry until it gets too extreme, and then give in. I'm hoping as he gets older and understands that I'm not abandoning him, he'll learn to self soothe and relax on his own.

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Crying it out method: how old should your baby be?
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