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Mom, when do you know if it's time to get a divorce

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About a year ago my husband and I quarreled, it was a silly quarrel over trifles but we have told each other a lot of nasty things. Resentment was so strong that we did not talk for 2 weeks and even thought about the divorce. We were saved by the fact that my husband had left home for one week and we had time to think.

When my husband came back I was afraid that he would say that this is the end, but it did not happen, he just hugged me and said: "I have the wife, and I do not need another".

One thing I can say - TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!


my MIL she used to object me every time she got irritated when i go out and spent lot time with my husband i am from Pakistan and there we always have arranged marriages,and if a girl gets divorce everyone hates that girl and feel hesitant to marry

..one day he got annoyed due to his mom pressure he punched in to my belly i was 10week pregnant at that time.. i just quit then and there and left the house..

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Mom, when do you know if it's time to get a divorce
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