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Moms, how has divorce improved your life?

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I myself havent had much luck. Ive been married and divorced twice, and its because they chose to be with someone else. They also have chosen to not be in our kids lives. Although im fine with that, i dont like how it hurts my kids. It breaks my heart. So as far as how my life has been since divorces, not the greatest. Im having trouble finding work cause i was a stay home mom for many yrs. Ex husband took the car in divorce, so i also do not have a car. If it wasnt for my mother me and my children would be on the street. I pray i could find work withing my kids school hours, or find a work from home position thats legit. My kids are my world and probably the only thing that keeps me going.


I was a single mom of 3 little boys . My ex had walked out on the kids and I .

I went to Match.com but didn't really have any luck and was about to cancel my account when I met my now husband .

We were engaged a month after that and married 4 months later .

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Moms, how has divorce improved your life?
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