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Do your breasts grow larger during pregnancy ?

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I didn't get bigger with my son. But with this pregnancy I am already popping out of my bras! Time for some shopping.


I am rather large breasted to begin with (38 D) but with pregnancy, they went up to a 42D and broke one of my favorite bras. Luckily, it happened AFTER I got off of work and into the pickup truck, but right before I headed into the grocery store. But, it was cold outside so my hoodie was helpful. It was funny though, and I still laugh about it. And, I am glad I am back down to a 40D. I now know they will never return to normal size, but oh well. Those puppies were heavy!


Mine usually get bigger during pregnancy, it's normal. Usually I'm a 38D but during pregnancy I've been all the way up to a 40D so yes mine do grow larger during pregnancy.


Yes they do ! They usually get larger during pregnancy the hormones along with the milk make them grow , also once you have had baby and your milk comes in they grow a bit more , at least mine did . Some women's go back to normal after pregnancy and breast feeding or get smaller . Mine have gotten larger and have stayed that way after having 6 kids .


My breasts were average sized I never thought about getting them done or anything like that since I thought they were perfect in every way lol now that I'm pregnant they're HUGE and oh so heavy!

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Do your breasts grow larger during pregnancy ?
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