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Can I get pregnant if I just stopped taking Depo shots

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i was on the depo & my body is still recovering from it, (been off of it for 10 months) i had no periods, yet every month my body would acually "feel" pregnant! from what i had learned about it, thats what comes with bein on the shot, one of the reasons i discontiuned it, but i have "heard" of people getting pregnant while on it.


When I stopped the depo shots, I was still gaining weight and having hormon problems. My OBGYN said it's because the Depo Shot convinces your body that it is pregnant, even if you're not, so it'll reject any potential pregnancies. He said that's also why you're not supposed to take the shot for more than a year and a half at most, because it messes with your system too much. I only took it for 9 months (1 shot every 3 months) and I still have leftover effects from it.


I've been on the depo shot for a long time it took me over a year to get pregnant and one miscarriage for I had my beautiful daughter Myla.


Technically, yes you can get pregnant if you just stopped taking Depo shots. However, it's more likely that it will take your body a little while to normalize again before you become pregnant. Once your hormones balance out and you start ovulating again, you will have a good chance at conceiving. You can buy ovulation predictor kits to let you know when you've definitely begun ovulating again.

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Can I get pregnant if I just stopped taking Depo shots
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