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What have you deprived yourself of since becoming a mom?

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I don't feel deprived, I am happy to spend all my time and money on my family. But I see that, that is not as good for me and my boyfriend is constantly encouraging me to take time and money for myself, for the things I want and as it turns out, need.

This is why I don't feel deprived, but.....The "but" is because I never have felt deprived, but my boyfriend makes me realize that time for me is important, so I am going to take care of myself too, so I can be the best me possible for them. :)


I'm excited to get back to a normal routine.I'm excited to get back to the gymBut more than anything...I am excited to not have to listen to my kids fight with each other non-stop, all day long.

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What have you deprived yourself of since becoming a mom?
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