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Is it safe to drink a glass of wine while pregnant?

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My baby's health is MORE IMPORTANT than alcohol.....would never risk that. How selfish would I be to my own kid.


One glass of wine throughout the whole pregnancy, sure why not? But I wouldn't recommend it. I drank a glass of wine in my first trimester before I knew I was pregnant, actually I only drank half because I started feeling nauseous right after just a few sips. I don't think it's worth possibly risking the health of your unborn baby, and if your anything like me during pregnancy your body will reject it right away!


Some experts say it is ok to have a glass once in awhile when you are pregnant . I don't drink wine anyways because I hate the taste . I feel like babies health and safety are way more important then having a drink while pregnant . I wouldn't even take a sip . Sometimes my hubby would have a drink and say "taste this " and I was like , um nope not happening !!


I have never been a drinker so giving it up while prego is not a problem. But I told I have had the craving for a taste of white wine lately... I never liked wine before I was pregnant so I'm not sure where it comes from. Anyway at the last appointment I talked with my doctor and asked why I might be craving it. She said that just a taste of it would be fine and would do no harm to the baby.

Anyway, we had dinner with our neighbor last night and his wife offered me a glass of wine, I told her I would like just enough for a sip to tastes and that is all I feel comfortable drinking. She ended up coming out with a half poured glass of wine and I didn't finish it. She then got upset with me for wasting it and said my doctor didn't know what she was talking about and that I should find a new one.


i was told that drinking a glass of wine while pregnant was fine, i never did it myself, im not a wine drinker, but i know plenty of people who have had the "Occiasional glass of wine" (never heard of beer bein aloud) through out their pregnacy as far as how much and what not, its best you talk to your doctor about that:)


There are recently all of these headlines.. saying YES.. now you can drink!!! Now, knowing that's misleading.. and they DO say to keep in to a glass of wine every NOW AND THEN... I still when I was pregnant wouldn't touch it... I feared so greatly that something would go wrong, that I just couldn't even dare...

My Doctor.. GREAT Doctor towards the end.. like 7 ish months, noticed my blood pressure was getting higher and I wasn't sleeping well.. he actually "prescribed" a glass of red wine to me... and said that the baby was developed enough that there would be no damage to it's growing (brain develop, etc).. and also that with ONE glass, the chances of the baby getting ANY of it were slim to none.

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Is it safe to drink a glass of wine while pregnant?
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