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How important is drinking water while pregnant

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Water is extremely important! Drinking water helps to keep your baby healthy by flushing out the toxins (baby's urine) in the amniotic fluid.Staying hydrated helps you and your baby. Also helps your milk production towards the end of your pregnancy.


I don't know how important it is but I would imagine it's good for both baby and you. I love water and almost always constantly drinking water. This also means I am producing more frequent urination. Plus being pregnant is also adding to that. I love water and so do my children. We love our water!


I drank water a lot when i was pregnant especially the second time. My first pregnancy I drank a lot of water but I also drank a lot of soda and milk. With my second pregnancy I would drink a small glass of coffee in the morning than drink either ice water or tea the rest of the day.

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How important is drinking water while pregnant
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