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How early can baby use a walker

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Otherwise the more modern walkers like exersaucers (sp?) etc. I'd say when they are holding their heads up well and starting to stand in your lap, they can be used for short periods of time.

As far as toys that assist in walking, as soon as they are pulling themselves up and taking steps. Though be careful of the ones they can pull down on themselves if they fall down.


For us, we started letting Lucas use a walker as soon as he started taking steps on his own. What he would do is hold on to the side of pretty much anything, and then he would take steps on his own to get his feet under him or he would take steps to the side and walk the side of what he was holding onto. We felt that this meant he was ready to start trying to walk on his own, so we got him a walker. He's trying, but he hates to practice right now

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How early can baby use a walker
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