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Divorced moms, how do you feel about dating again?

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I think it is fine to want to date again after being divorced. Some women decide not to date again, which is fine. I do think that you need to take the time to heal from your divorce before jumping in to a new relationship. It is a loss and you may grieve some. It is important that you are ready and not just trying to fill that void. It's not fair to you or the person you are involved with.


My mom divorced my dad when my daughter was almost 1 and my mom still made sure my sister, and I was okay with her new boyfriend and now husband. We told her that as long as she was happy we were happy but she wanted to be sure we got along with him because and I quote "even though my babies are grown and have their own families we come as a package deal".

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Divorced moms, how do you feel about dating again?
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