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How do you go about charting for pregnancy?

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I'm a little bit of a cheater on this one, I have two apps I use to chart my fertility/cycle. I use FF (fertility friend) mobile, and Lady timer. Basically I input all my data in to both. They both have functions that I love. FF will actually graph the BBT, ladytimer will actually take cues from your data (temp, CM, etc) and adjust your 'expected ovulation' accordingly. They're both great.


what I do is I have this menstrual cycle app on my phone and I when I have my period I in put it in the app and when I finish I in put that too and it will give me the days that Im fertile so I go by that and when I got pregnant with last time with the baby that I miscarried I was actually fertile and didn't even realize it


I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Also, check out


they have an online course you can take (through your email) to learn how to chart the signs and symptoms of fertility through your cycle. The best part is that you can also use charting to avoid pregnancy too!


The basics ​of temping is that you take temperature every morning before getting out of bed or doing anything.The first day of the chart is the first day of your period.Those positive ovulation predictors match up with a drop in temp that happens right before ovulation, the spike in temp happens right after,Charting temps can work, butit doesn't always work, or work for everyone. It is just something to try, and it is pretty cheap


I think the easiest way to chart for pregnancy is by using an online tool like Fertility Friend or something similar. It does a lot of the work for you if you'll just plug in the dates of your period and the days you do the deed.


I have been doing the Basal body temp and an ovulation chart.Nothing with the cervical mucus! I am interested in herbal assistance but not sure what’s a myth or what will really help.

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How do you go about charting for pregnancy?
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