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Side effects of a tubal ligation surgery

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After a tubal ligation, you will most likely go home the same day. Your surgeon will give you instructions on what to expect and when to call after the surgery.

You may have some slight vaginal bleeding caused by the movement of your uterus during the surgery.
If you had a laparoscopy, your stomach may be swollen (distended) from the gas that was used to lift your skin and muscles away from your abdominal organs so the surgeon could see them better. This should go away within a day or so but may last longer. You may also have some back or shoulder pain from the gas in your abdomen. This will go away as your body absorbs the gas.
You can shower 24 hours after the surgery, but avoid rubbing or pulling on your incision for at least a week.
You can have sexual intercourse as soon as you feel like it and it does not cause pain, which is usually 1 week after surgery.
Be sure to rest for a few days (or at least 24 hours) before beginning to resume your normal activities. You should be able to resume all activities within a week.
No backup method of birth control is needed after the surgery.
A follow-up exam in 2 weeks is usually scheduled.

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Side effects of a tubal ligation surgery
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