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What to do about a preschool teacher that yells

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Yelling is not conducive for a calm preschool environment, however, there are times when a teacher may have to raise their voice to get their students' attention. If you believe your child's preschool teacher yells, find out how often they yell and why they do so. Check the school's policies to see if they allow parents to drop in unannounced or if you can observe in the background for a day. Talk to other parents and get their opinions on the teacher's classroom management style. It could simply be a matter of misunderstanding where your child feels the teacher was yelling when the teacher was only raising their voice.

If your gut tells you the preschool teacher is yelling, calmly discuss your concerns with them. Give the teacher a chance to explain and see if the situation resolves itself. If it doesn't, talk to the director or owner.

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What to do about a preschool teacher that yells
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