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Social skills games and activities for kids

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One of the most important things I have learned being a parent, is that a child needs to learn how to get along with other people. Toddlers see other people as annoying, obstacles in their way. It takes awhile for them to understand that other people have feelings and that sharing, taking turns and being nice are good skills to have. In the beginning, its important as I have learned, that joining in and having fun with your baby/child at each and every stage.


How to play Musical Statues

Goal: Helps improve listening skills, as your child will be required to discriminate between sound and silence. It also offers a great opportunity for self-expression and to practice self-regulation!

What You Need:

• CD player

• Recordings of songs that inspire a variety of movements

• Ribbon streamers, chiffon scarves, or hula hoops

What You Do:

1. Get the children to move around (dancing, hopping, skipping, running) while the music is playing and to freeze into a statue when the music stops.

2. Tell them to remain like a statue until the music starts again.

3. Randomly stop and start the music by pressing and releasing the pause button on your CD player.

4. Give the children a streamer, scarf, or hoop to manipulate as the music is playing!

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Social skills games and activities for kids
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