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Preschool math activities: using flash cards

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Flash cards are one way you can teach a preschool aged child about math. Some children find them fun, challenging and engaging. This activity would be good for a child with a short attention span since the game is as its name suggests, done in a flash.

Make sure the child is not hungry or tired before you start. Tell them you're going to hold up some cards and take them away very quickly. See if they can recognize and tell you what they see on the cards.

There are different kinds of flash cards you can use for this:

- number flash cards (with the number written on them)

- animal flash cards (with a certain number of animals shown on them)

- dotted flash cards (with a certain number of dots shown on them)

The key to success is repetition and fun. The more the child sees them, the better the information will sink in.

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Preschool math activities: using flash cards
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