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Preschool math games: using dice

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Dice are a fun and easy way to teach preschool math. They're also a conveniently portable activity and can be played solo or with multiple kids. Math dice games can even be adjusted to accommodate different academic levels and challenge older kids.

Play "Beat That!" by give two children one die each. Each child rolls their die and counts the number of dots. Then the other child takes a turn, doing the same thing. The goal is to see who can roll the higher number.

With this free printable, assign a color to each number for a total of 6 different colors. Have the child roll a die and color the corresponding balloon.

Use a variation of Bingo by playing Number Bingo. Create different Bingo boards with numbers in all the squares and a free space in the middle. Give each child a die to roll. If they get a match to a number on their board, they can put a marker on it. If they're playing with a group of others, first child to get 5 in a row wins.

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Preschool math games: using dice
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