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Preschool Halloween crafts: ghosts

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So, how about just drawing ghosts on black paper with white crayons? Or, better yet, white pastels?

How about.... let your kids draw ghost faces on some white fabric and you can cut them out... crafts and a costume all in one!

You can make ghosts out of a tissue tied around a Tootsie pop with a face drawn on it. You can use them as candy to give out and maybe eat one too.


There are many ghost themed Halloween crafts for preschool. Here are a few:


Trace around your child's foot on a piece of white paper. Cut the shape out and glue it onto a piece of black paper. Add googly eyes and a smile.


Make a cotton ball and tissue paper ghost but placing a large cotton ball inside of a white tissue. Tie it closed by using a rubber band or piece of yarn. Draw a face on it with marker.

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Preschool Halloween crafts: ghosts
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