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Worksheets for preschool: cutting practice

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Our preschool books have cutting practice in them but with our last child he learned to cut by cutting out paper dolls! Our children love paper dolls and make their own out of coloring pages or things they draw so they are constantly coloring and cutting out. Jr. joined them and cuts VERY well because he learned by watching his siblings and then by doing.


The first thing you should do is straight lines. I would draw lines about 3 inches long all along the edge of a piece of paper (like fringe) and she would cut that first. Once she got the hang of that, I would draw things like a square or triangle to help her learn how to do corners. We talked about how you need to turn the page and not the hand. Finally, I would draw a circle or something that has more rounded edges like waves or a loose drawing of a cloud.

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Worksheets for preschool: cutting practice
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