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Preschool kids games: playing hide and seek

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Hide and seek has always been an age old classic game for kids to play. It doesn't cost anything and somehow, kids know how to play without being told what to do. It's one of those games that comes naturally to them.

I have fond memories of playing hide and seek at school and at home. This kind of game is also good for counting skills because the person designated to be "it" or the seeker has to count to a certain number while all the other kids hide. Once the seeker has finished counting out loud, they usually yell something like "Ready or not, here I come!". The goal is to find all the hiders.

You can put a different spin on the game by the seeker yelling out "Marco" while the other hiders respond "Polo" so the seeker can figure out their hiding spaces due to where the sounds are coming from. Another version is to play hide and seek in the dark using flashlights.

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Preschool kids games: playing hide and seek
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