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Tips on potty training your toddler

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Tips on potty training - be patient. A LOT OF THEM. Be sure if she/he is 100% ready or they will regress if you force them.


My daughter is showing almost all the signs;

I told her to only use pull ups when they're in the car (it was about a days ride and she didn't want to stop constantly, which I understand) but as soon as she bought them (before I even left) she put her in them and used them as diapers the whole two weeks. The pull ups confused her and when she came back home, she was completely back in diapers. I tried for two weeks with just underwear, but she kept going in them. I thought maybe I'll try again when she starts being dry though the night, although she still isn't, she's still acting like she's ready.

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Tips on potty training your toddler
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