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Preschool lessons: Bible verse memorization

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I didn't use lessons per se for Bible memorization, unless we were using a book with lessons in it.

We have a Young Peacemakers series where we would memorize a verse for each lesson.

We also have a New Tribes Missions curriculum that we would memorize verses with each lesson.

Otherwise, I would start with salvation verses, verses in Psalms, child training verses in Proverbs, The Lord's Prayer and The Beatitudes in Matthew, the passage in Ephesians about The Armor of God, Genesis 1 the Creation story, the story of Jesus birth in Luke 2, The Lord is My Shepherd in Psalm 23....

All we did was either sit on the couch or around the dining room table or in the car even and recite the verse. I would recite small parts of the verse and the children would repeat it. It would become kind of sing-song-y and be easier to memorize for some children. We would do this on a daily basis until they could recite it completely on their own. We allowed for some hints and help in their recital.

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Preschool lessons: Bible verse memorization
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