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Preschool educational games for learning colors

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One activity Henry and I really enjoyed playing was the traffic light game. First, we made a traffic light by cutting out and pasting red, yellow and green circles onto a black rectangle. Next, we hung the traffic light up where we could both easily see it. Then I taught him "Red means stop. Green means go. Yellow, slow down. You better go slow." After that, we picked out some musical instruments and played them fast when I called out green. When I called out yellow, we played them slowly and then stopped when I called out red. Not only was it a great way to teach Henry about these 3 colors, it also served as an important traffic safety lesson.

Another interactive color game you can play is to cut out and laminate large different colored circles from construction paper and scatter them on the floor. Make a small cube with a different color on each side to coordinate with the colored circles. Toss the cube and have the children jump on the same colored circle as indicated on the cube.

And who could pass up Twister? First, teach children how to differentiate their left and right. A little trick I taught Henry was to hold up both hands. His left index finger and thumb automatically make an L for left. Flick the spinner on the board and call out the directions ("Left hand on blue. Right food on red."). Let the giggling commence!

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Preschool educational games for learning colors
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