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Preschool activities: developing a literacy center

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In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of a quality preschool is having an excellent literacy center. Having a designated space where children can pick out books, read comfortably and write about them is a huge benefit to any preschool class.

You'll need to have at one or two stand up book cases with plenty of engaging, colorful and exciting books at the children's eye level. Make the books accessible for them to pick out and put back easily.

Put a brightly colored rug on the floor and some comfortable seating, like bean bag chairs, carpet mats, or low cushy chairs. Leave enough space in front of the book cases so people can walk through.

Have an alphabet banner hung up on the wall where children can look at it. Label everything, children's cubbies with their names, and all of the items in the classroom. Seeing the names for everything will help them sink in.

Provide a table and chairs with plenty of writing implements. Plain, construction, white paper or tagboard are all good for writing on. Set out baskets of markers, crayons and chunky pencils for them to write with. You can also give them paint brushes, chalk and finger paint to develop their fine motor skills.

It can also help to provide audio centers where children can listen to the same book they're reading.

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Preschool activities: developing a literacy center
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