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What is a list of social skills for preschool children?

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Here's a handy list of social skills for preschool children. You'll note they're easy to remember because they're the seven C's.

1. Conversation - Kids should learn how to carry on a conversation with peers and adults. This involves listening, responding appropriately, and taking turns talking.

2. Cooperation - More than just sharing toys, it's the ability to get along with others.

3. Conflict resolution - Hitting is not the way to get what they want. Kids learn to use their words instead.

4. Communication - The ability to not just hold a conversation but also to express feelings, needs, wants, and knowledge to new people.

5. Confidence - Kids need to develop this on their own through independence and making mistakes.

6. (Self) Control - Don't, don't, don't bite your friends and or enact other ways of physically or verbally terrorizing peers.

7. Curiosity - It's what drives kids to explore, learn, ask questions, and draw conclusions. It's also part of building the foundation for formal learning.

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What is a list of social skills for preschool children?
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