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Halloween preschool crafts: pumpkins

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Pumpkins are an integral part of Halloween from eating to decorating. Make pumpkins part of your preschool craft theme with these projects.

If you carve a jack o'lantern, save the seeds and use them for counting. Give each child a pre-cut paper pumpkin with a number written on each one. Ask them to count out the number of seeds and paste them onto the pumpkin shape.

Make a paper plate pumpkin by having kids paint the back of two paper plates orange and glue a brown stem at the top front of one. Punch holes all around the edges of the plates. Ask kids to sew the holes closed with an orange string.

Create a pumpkin picture frame by painting cutting out the middle of a paper plate and painting the outer part orange. Glue a brown paper stem and green paper leaf at the top. Attach a picture of each child in the middle. Hang all of the pictures on a bulletin board to show the teacher's preschool pumpkin patch.

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Halloween preschool crafts: pumpkins
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