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Homemade preschool letter games

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Our children liked making letters with their fingers in flour or in the dirt outside.

I also made laminated cards of the whole alphabet. Then I would have them each card with their finger (NOT all 26 at the same time!) or I'd have them use Cheerios to make the letter on top of the card.

We also used the card to teach the letter sounds to our older girls.

Those same letter cards made it to the wall as well and I would point to them and say the letters. We did this until they started to know the letters then I would point to them and ask them what letter it was and eventually what letter the sound made.

We would use a chalk board and make the letters. Wipe off boards.

We would point to billboards and signs saying the letters.

With my older ones I would give them a newspaper and have a sheet of paper with a letter on it and have them cut out all the letters in the newspaper (usually just the large colored letters not the teeny tiny print). Then they would glue the letters they cut out onto the paper with the one big letter. They loved this.

There are so many ways to create letter games that are fun for children.

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Homemade preschool letter games
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