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How to develop a philosophy of early childhood education

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Articulating a philosophy of early childhood education serves a two-fold purpose. The first is to meet a requirement for many early childhood education institutions. The second is that it helps future educators clearly define what sort of teacher they want to be as it helps them in their career path.

When determining what one's philosophy should be, some thoughts to be considered are:

- your role as a teacher (hopes, expectations, beliefs, presentation of new ideas)

- the child's role as a learner (different learning styles, how do they learn best, structured and open ended ideas)

- addressing special needs, learning styles and diversity (how you will handle them)

- define your curricular orientation (what led you to form your beliefs)

- your classroom and conflict management approach

- family inclusion (how you will include family and caregivers in your classroom)

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How to develop a philosophy of early childhood education
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