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Personalized preschool backpacks: are they a good idea?

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I love personalized backpacks but honestly I think that the cost isn't worth it for preschool age group. I can see doing it when they are a bit older and can get more than one school year use out a personalized back pack. I did get personalized back packs for my trio but it was only because of the company sending them to me for review. I enjoyed them, but the kids didn't use them past that first school year.

I think personalized back packs are best suited for when kids are older. Preschool is just too early to start, instead use labels to have your preschoolers name on their backpack.


I think in general they are a good idea because a child can find their backpack more easily. Plus at home, it would be easy to distinguish different children's backpacks.


I do not think they are a good idea because most of them have the child's name on the outside of the backpack in a visible place. A stranger could easily read your child's name and call for them. Some young children will come to an adult who knows their name and may be tricked by the adult. The child may think the adult works at the school since the adult knew the child's name.

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Personalized preschool backpacks: are they a good idea?
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