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Ideas for preschool music lessons

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I don't think it is recommended for preschoolers to have formal lessons (aside from the Suzuki method). At least that's what a friend who teaches music lessons told me when we were looking to start our oldest daughter. Our current music teacher suggests starting children when they can read.

Based on the above info, I think introducing preschoolers to different forms of music (classic, folk, contemporary, country, rock, whatever are your favorites), different sounds the instruments and listening to music within the home provides a great start to music at a young age.

We purchased a little kit that included a triangle, maracas, clapper and a little drum, I believe. This allowed our children to experience a few different hand held instruments.

I use to own a classical guitar so some of the children were able to experience strumming it or hearing me strum it.

We have had a piano or keyboard since our oldest was 3 or 4. Our younger children have grown up seeing and hearing our older children practice and play piano and all of them as preschoolers were fascinated by the piano and would plunk away on it. Our older daughters use to hold the babies in their laps as they played.

All of our children LOVE music. What's there not to love?

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Ideas for preschool music lessons
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