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Homeschool preschool curriculum: Timberdoodle Core curriculum

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When I saw Timberdoodle it reminded me of a family owned company I have ordered from in the past, so imagine my surprise when I discovered it was! I haven't visited their site in a long time and a lot has changed...but it is still the same family who owns it!

Timberdoodle Core curriculum for preschoolers is a group of products Timberdoodle has put together based on their experience with the products.

There is a basic kit ($189), complete kit ($349) and elite kit ($549).

I have never bought a kit from Timberdoodle so I cannot tell you much about them other than what their website says. The kits look like they contain a lot of cool products but I think it is pricey for preschool, especially when our family usually buys educational toys etc.

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Homeschool preschool curriculum: Timberdoodle Core curriculum
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