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Preschool games for learning math facts

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Babies can learn math beginning at 6 mo. They have a rudimentary understanding of one-on-one correspondence. When you dress baby, point and say one mitten for one hand, one shoe for one foot and so on. Autumn and I are playing sorting the blocks, laundry, Volume measurement.(dump & pour) stack cups, rings, different size cups, bowls, matching games, socks, lids, shoe brush, (lid w/pot) (Brush/Comb) ect. Reading, counting 1,2,3 whee on the swing.


I teach them their numbers and how to count. We may hold up two different sets of fingers and have them count them, count food and ask the occasional, "You had two cookies but ate one, how many are left?" kinds of questions. We have used books that are adding different items together but that is about all.

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Preschool games for learning math facts
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