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Tips for teaching a preschool child to use scissors

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You know I went through so much efforts with my older children when I was teaching them how to use scissors.

I bought special safety scissors and had them use those. I believe they were more a hindrance than a help.

Then I would work with them on using a pair of children's scissors. But I think I hovered too much because all my younger children I don't remember teaching them how to use scissors!

Our younger children got to see all of us use scissors and seemed to learn by seeing and doing.

The preschool books we use offer loads of practice but our children make and cut out their own paper dolls, even the littlest. Our youngest was using scissors like a pro late last year if I remember correctly and he had just turned 3. He was using scissors at 2 though and learned to use them well.

I would say give lots of opportunity to practice cutting.....or else you may find things you do not want cut in pieces!

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Tips for teaching a preschool child to use scissors
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