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Christmas poems for preschool children

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Children will get a kick out of reciting these Christmas poems at home, church, or school. They're so catchy and easy to memorize!

Here is the chimney
(Make fist, enclose thumb)
Here is the top.
(Palm of hand on top of fist)
Open the lid.
(Remove hand quickly)
And out Santa will pop.
(Pop up thumb)

Five little candles twinkling on the tree.
The first one said, "What do you see?"
The second one said, "I see Santa big and jolly."
The third one said, "I see Christmas wreathes or holly."
The fourth one said, "What do you hear?"
The fifth one said, "Children singing loud and clear,"
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Here is a great big Christmas tree Trimmed with lights and balls.
(Put tips of fingers of both hands together, palms apart)
Here are Santa's little elves.
They run when Santa calls.
(Hold up ten fingers and wiggle them)
This is Santa's workshop,
Filled with gifts and toys
(Use both hands to form a house)
The elves and helpers fill the sleigh,
For all good girls and boys.

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Christmas poems for preschool children
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