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Printable preschool games for hands on activities

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These printable games for hands on activities are sure to be a hit for any preschool aged child!

First up is Bingo. There's a reason it's a classic game. You can change up the cards to include letters, numbers, or sight words. Use some small objects such as Cheerios or M&Ms for markers.


Next up is the Ice Cream Count and Match. Print out and laminate these colorful ice cream cone pictures decorated with round dots. You'll also see a set of numbers 1-10. Cut those out and laminate them as well. Then attach Velcro dots to the pages and numbers. Children count the sprinkles on the ice cream and attach the correct number to the cone.


Now what kid doesn't have Legos at home or at school? Check out the Lego patterns on this website! You can download them and have your child recreate the color patterns they see.


Last but not least is a Monster Dice Match game. You'll need a numbered dice for this and some small objects to use as markers. Roll the dice and find the matching number on the monster, placing a marker when you see it.


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Printable preschool games for hands on activities
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