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Planning a birthday party with preschool friends

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Planning a birthday party with preschool friends doesn't have to be overly complicated or expensive.

Think about how many guests to invite. The number you invite will depend on the venue where you have it. You could have it outside at a park with lots of kids, at an indoor venue with fewer kids, or in your home with a smaller group. Does your child want all girls/boys, just a few close friends, or their whole class? Unless you're planning to invite the entire class, invitations should be given out privately, lest some children get wind of it and become upset about not being invited.

Mid-afternoon parties are good for scheduling so you're not obligated to feed everyone a meal, thereby reducing the costs. Nobody will expect more than a few snacks and some cupcakes.

If your child is into a certain character or theme, you could incorporate it into the party decor. Dollar stores have plenty to offer in terms of decorations.

For games and activities, consider a make and take project or craft, which could replace the need for a goody bag. Preschool kids are pretty happy with low key entertainment such as musical chairs, dance parties, freeze tag, etc.

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Planning a birthday party with preschool friends
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