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Preschool Valentines games using candy hearts

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There are different types of games preschool kids can play using Valentine candy hearts.

One game they can play is BINGO with various Valentine's Day symbols on the cards. When the teacher holds up a card with the big symbol, the children with a matching symbol puts a candy heart on theirs. First child to get 5 hearts in a row wins.

Something else they can do is a pattern recognition game. The teacher shows the children a pattern with certain colors in a row. Then the children try to duplicate the same color pattern using their candy hearts.

Another game is the candy heart stacker. Give each child a handful of candy hearts and see how many hearts they can stack on top of each other without them falling down.

For this next game, you'll need for each child, a straw, a timer, 2 plates and a bunch of candy hearts on one plate. Tell the children to transfer one candy heart at a time from one plate to the other using the straw. Set the timer for one minute and see who can transfer the most.

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Preschool Valentines games using candy hearts
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